How to select basket material

How to select basket material?

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Update time : 2021-10-20 16:46:00
As we all know,baskets are made with different material,and different using,size,shape and color,sure also different price or quotation.

If you are looking for storage basket,yes,storage basket can be made with all of material,such as willow,wooden,cotton rope,pp webbing,water hycainth,sea grass,wired,canvas,pp ect. however,which material is best?

first,it depends on basket using. if used for home storage,all of materials are fine. if used for bathroom,it is better not use water hyacinth or cotton rope,pp webbing and canvas. if used for kitchen,it is better to select wired basket. if used for fruit,wicker basket are fine.

second,price. wicker baskets are fully hand woven,hence,price is a little higher than sewing baskets. China governmnet issue poliy of dual control of energy,hence,industrial material price start to increase again.

third,space.most of natural material baskets can not folded,and cotton rope or canvas baskets are fodled so that save much space and shipping costs. another better packing way is nest packing for wicker baskets,althought they can not folded,and set of 2 or set of 3,did help us to use space maximumly. following willow basket,set of 3 or 4,it is the best way to save space and costs,both baskets price and shipping costs.

fourth,basket using life,cotton rope basket,pp webbing basket and canvas basket,wired baskets are more durable than natural material baskets. 

finally,own hobby.

If any question or interested with our basket,please freely contact,and welcome to join our discussing.

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